3 Way Manifold Valves Manufacturers

3 Way Manifold Valve

3 Way Manifolds Valves, pipe to pipe (R), pipe to rim (T) and flange to flange (H) designed for connecting system impulse lines & transmitters. These manifolds consist of 1/2" NPT(F), pipe to flange or flange to flange connections on 54mm (2 1/8") centers, and of one equalizer valve, 2 block valves and 2 nos 1/4" NPT(F) purge (VENT) connections. 3 Way Manifold Valves are rugged in construction to resist high pressures and temperatures. The manifolds are rated for pressures as high as 6000 PSI at 200 o F or 4000 PSI at 500 o F with PTFE Packing. For a higher Temperatures Grafoil Packing is used

Our 3 way manifold valves are designed to control liquid from flowing from one outlet or pipe to another. We offer our clients high quality three method manifold valves made of finest quality metals and alloys fictional with strict compliance to industry standards. Our 3 Way Manifold Valves are fabricated fictional by our team of extremely trained and well smart personnel. These 3 Way Manifold Valves have chrome finishing ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

Features of 3 Way Manifold Valves

  • One Piece Barstock Forged Body for high strangh and fully safety.
  • Bonnet lock prevents accidents disassembly.
  • Stem threads rolled and hard plated provides maximum service life.
  • Two Part Stem tip, stellited and hardened provides excellent flow control and ensures buble-tight shutt off.
  • Non Rotating Vee / Ball Tip design: Which forms a bearing joint with the stem eliminates rotation between plug & seat at closure. This prevents scoring and gailing up the valve seat and ensure long life in repetitive shutt off service.
  • Packing material PTFE / Ccrafoil

Construction - 3 Way Manifold Valves

SS-316, SS-304, Carbon steel, Monel & Inconel.