Company Profile

A.K.Industries is leading manufacturer of INSTRUMENTATION TUBE FITTINGS, VALVE, and ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS & ACCESSORIES. We have been crafting since 1990 with great experience and automation. With the increase in demand of quality and quantity AKI implanted automac machines to meet the growing demands. Our products have been competitive in international market also. Our products are equivalent to the big brand name like Swagelok fittings. With increase in demand, we have automatic production in order to reduce the delivery time.

Infrastructure & Facilities

To be a complete organization A.K.Industries has been implementing new and various developing infrastructure. It started with the year 19989 with few manual lathe machines and capstan machines. But as time moved further and increase with the demand of products A.K.I implemented CNC machine in order to meet the mass production and customers need. A.K.I implemented automation and

Computerized system to maintain control over its products.


A.K.I maintains a good amount of stock for instant delivery of the products. Around 100 – 500 items we store in stock to meet the upcoming demands of the customers.

Precision Gauges & measuring Instrument

In order to provide accuracy and ISO standard products, A.K.I manufacture all the products strictly with the help of gauges and measuring instrument. Each of the product underpasses from strict checking. Instruments such as Vanier caliper, micrometer, bore gauges etc are followed to maintain the products accuracy.

Software & Designing

With the increasing demand of accuracy and quality product AKI has indulged into modern software for designing and modeling purposes. We have software to provide components designs and drawing. Here are some of the software which are being used